“the economist” in chinese

Today i just found a neat blog, which is a collection of articles from The Economist that have been translated into chinese.  It’s called The Economist《经济学人》中文版. Each article is presented as a blog entry, and the paragraphs alternate between english and chinese.

This site looks great for learners of chinese. You get authentic chinese stuff to read, but interspersed with the english meaning, so you always know precisely what the chinese is supposed to mean as you try to figure it out. I really like reading books in this fashion, such as the ones that alternate chinese and english pages. I tend to read the english page first, and then go through the chinese one after i know the general idea of what’s supposed to happen. This way i can figure out a lot of grammar and vocabulary naturally rather than having to look it up in the dictionary or in a textbook.

Another site that’s sorta similar is Project Syndicate, which has various english-language news articles translated into several languages (usually spanish, german, french, czech, russian, and chinese). It’s a little bit inconvenient to read as a learner of the language in question, because it doesn’t have the content interspersed with my native language, but that’s totally understandable because they have so many different translations of each article, not just chinese.

If anyone knows of other sites like this, with interesting articles that have both an english version and another language (especially chinese), then please let me know. I’m always on the lookout for more content that has an english translation. I also really want to find some chinese audio content that has a chinese transcript of what was said.


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