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Hi all.  Normally i blog over at but i decided to start a more language-focused blog just so i don’t have everything all jumbled up.

I called the blog Language Fixation because i really do have a compulsion to learn languages.  Generally it starts when i have some coworkers or friends who speak another language.  I’ll start reading a bit about their language, and pretty soon i’ve dropped everything else to dive into it completely.

Over the years i’ve dabbled in many languages, but a couple years ago i really wanted to pick one and get good at it, so i decided to go back to university here in Vancouver, Canada and i took some chinese courses.  Then i ended up going on an exchange to china and taking more chinese courses there.  Once i got back, i started to do more research on methods of self-teaching, and i found that there’s a wealth of information on the internet these days, especially in several very informative blogs.  As a result, my language learning skills have increased since i returned from china.

The main content of this blog will be my personal experiences as i study various languages that cross my path…probably mostly chinese, but maybe a little arabic and spanish depending on how i wander through different topics.  I’m hoping that it’ll help with my motivation to study if i can tell others about what i’ve learned.  Seems to be working already 🙂


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  1. Keith says:

    I also do not usually become interested in a language unless I know someone who speaks it. Although, I would be interested in learning almost all of the SE Asian languages.

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