busy, but still in the game

I’ve been quite busy lately, trying to keep up with various other features of my life. German got slightly sidetracked; part of this was because i got caught up in the english version of the novel i’m reading. Having finished that completely, i’m moving back to the german version.

I guess my previous plan of doing one chapter in english and then one in german didn’t work out so well. This tendency fits in with my previous patterns, so i guess i should have seen it coming.

I’ve also been enjoying the wonderful spring weather after a long winter, so all of my time off work has been spent outdoors riding my bike and camping. I haven’t yet figured out how to keep up my language learning while i’m off doing those activities. In the evenings i’ve still been watching some german-dubbed star trek on and off, and that’s been pleasant. I really have to ramp up my input schedule before the end of june, though, if i want to have more of an effect before i head to germany.

I guess i’ll see how this week goes and then alter my strategy from there.


One Response to busy, but still in the game

  1. Shawn says:

    Was “Language Fixation” intended to be a fixie bicycle pun?

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