back in action

Lately i had quite an extended time where i bounced between several hobbies, but i’m somehow back at german now. I took several sailing courses, learned a bit about playing irish-style flute, and read a lot of english fiction, but now i’m motivated to do languages again.

C went on a trip to europe, which generally involved much time either in Germany, or in contact with many Germans, so when she got back she had quite a lot of enthusiasm for learning to speak German. Having someone else interested in doing it too has rekindled my interest.

To get back into it, i’ve tried to find more listening resources. I’ve actually found that Michel Thomas german has been quite helpful in clearing up a few concepts. The amount of english in it is super annoying, as is the horrible pronunciation of the students, but i still find it helpful because of the usefulness of the example sentences. It definitely is catapulting C’s understanding of german, which we then reinforce by watching an episode of german star trek 😉

On my own, I’ve started back with L-R of Harry Potter (german audiobook + dead tree book in german). I also just found a fantastic site called “Slow German“. It has audio podcasts in german, and blog entries with the transcripts. If you highlight any word in the transcripts, it pops up a little definition in english for that word. A fantastic listening+reading resource 🙂


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  1. Keith says:

    Welcome back to the action!

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