star trek

One thing i actually have been doing lately is watching some star trek. A while ago, i bought german versions of Star Trek: Deep Space 9, and started watching from the beginning. I’ve now completely finished watching season 1, and some of season 2.

The reason i picked star trek was because i’m really familiar with the characters and the setting. I know all of the types of plots that can happen, so everything is very easy to figure out even if i don’t have the specific vocabulary required. On episodes where there’s just a lot of talking over and over in the same room, i tend to get a bit lost. There was one episode where Jadzia was being judged for a crime committed by a previous dax host, so they all sat in the same room for a long time and talked…i barely got any of it. But on episodes where they move around and stuff happens visually, then i understand more of it.

More and more i’m coming to understand Khatsumoto’s concept of “environment”. In order to learn a language, you need to make it hard not to learn it. Surround yourself by it, make it what you do in your “spare time”, what you fall back to when you’re bored, everything. To that end, i’m ordering some more DVDs of shows i like to watch, so that i’ll always have something i want.

Something i haven’t tried yet is creating comfy tv watching environment. I need a cheap dvd player that can play region 2 dvds, and then work tv watching back into my daily habits (except in german). Then i could get home from work and flop down on the couch to watch an hour of tv before dinner. i can’t think of any easier way to learn a language 😉


3 Responses to star trek

  1. Keith says:

    Me neither.

  2. Rebecka says:

    I have also wanted to wath ST, only in Russian, but I’ve quite failed at finding the right episodes so far 😉

  3. doviende says:

    ya, some languages are definitely easier to find content for. German is proving very easy, since i can find plenty of dubbed shows where i already know the characters and plot. In chinese, on the other hand, almost nothing is dubbed, so i just have to try out native chinese stuff and hope that i like it.

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