getting primed for movie watching

i think i may have mentioned this before, but i’m just so astounded by the results that i have to say it again. Today i listened to one of my german audio books while simultaneously reading the dead tree version (“Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen”, for those curious). After doing this for about an hour, my mind started to wander, but instead of falling back to the usual internet-surfing, i decided to put on an episode of german star trek.

What i found was (again) amazing. I understood way more of the episode than usual. I got lots of the intricate plot details, and it was really nice to fully understand a lot of the casual dialog too. What I take away from this experience is that 3hrs of german is way more beneficial than 3x 1hr of german. I hope to see more of this in effect once my other TV shows arrive and i have endless amounts of german stuff to watch.

I wonder how much of this effect is from having a transcript of the audiobook. I think there’s some positive interaction from both reading and listening at the same time, instead of just listening. Perhaps it engages different parts of the brain? I’m not sure. I’m curious whether this listening-reading exercise was specifically the cause of my increased understanding of TV today, or whether i can duplicate it with any german exercise at all. Perhaps just reading could accomplish the same thing? I’m not sure, but it seems worth trying.

anyone else have similar experiences? what works for you?


One Response to getting primed for movie watching

  1. Keith says:

    Next time, watch an episode first and note your comprehension, then do your primer, and then watch another episode. Do you notice a difference that way?

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