august week 3 summary

I’ve been a bit busy this week, so i’ve done much more listening to audio on my mp3 player, and much less watching TV and anki. I’ve also noticed that i’m starting to judge myself by my ability again, instead of by my amount of work. This is probably my biggest mistake lately.

To get back on track, I’m going to try to remind myself that it doesn’t matter what i can and can’t understand at this point in time, it only matters that my numbers are going up. I know that my method will prove successful in the end, because others have done it before me. All i need to do is keep the numbers going up, week by week.

On that note, i also notice that i’m impatient to understand everything in an episode when i watch TV. This next week, i’m going to work more on cultivating the attitude that i should enjoy whatever i can in the episode. There’s no need to worry about fully understanding every minute plot detail, because i can just go back and watch it again later once i’m awesomer. For right now, i want to just watch and enjoy it for what it is.

Overall, i like my goal for tv and for listening. I’m not entirely convinced that my anki goal is right yet, though. 150 new cards every week seems to keep me quite busy, both in adding cards and in doing reps for them. I’m thinking of using a highlighter in my book so i can find sentences for later…that should save me some time. Then i can spend more time freely reading and just flip back later to grab some things. Ideally, i’d like to spend just one or two days per week on adding new cards, and the rest of the time just relaxing with tv and doing reps.


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