Polyphasic sleep: middle of week 2

Just a quick update today. Things are steadily progressing. We’re still not adapted yet, but the worst is behind us. Currently I’m able to fall asleep quite quickly for my naps, and I have pretty solid REM the whole time. In the last day or so, I’ve been waking naturally about 2 minutes before my alarm, which is sorta nice.

During the course of each day, though, there’s still a period of between 1 – 5 hours where I feel anywhere from lightly tired to moderately sleepy. No “zombie” periods like in the first week, but still pretty tired sometimes. The majority of the day I feel quite good though. I expect these tired periods to disappear completely over the next week and a half.

On the language front, my spreadsheet tells me that I’ve done 60.5 hours of language learning activities so far this year, most of which was reading Dutch while listening to Dutch audiobooks, and also some German TV time. My productivity has increased this week, and I expect to catch up on my backlog within the next few days. I’m still on track to complete my 200 hours of Dutch by mid-February, but I’m still hoping to squeeze in more.

More updates to come after the weekend 🙂


2 Responses to Polyphasic sleep: middle of week 2

  1. Jonathan says:

    Lightly tired to moderately sleeping is how I feel all the time, and I’m on a normal sleep schedule. I’ve entertained the notion of alternative sleep schedules, but my job as a teacher makes it a bit difficult. Good luck with your sleep experiment!

  2. Andrew says:

    That’s fantastic, I was honestly not expecting this to work, it just sounded too much like B.S. that you could magically go from 8 hours a night to 3 or 4 and function and feel just as well regardless. I’m impressed and fascinated. Good on you.


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