Read More or Die!

I just signed up for a month-long reading contest called “Read More or Die“, also known as Tadoku. The idea is just to encourage people to read lots and lots in their target language, and to record how many pages they read in a sort of competition with others.

I’ll be reading books in German and Dutch mostly, since that’s easy to fit in with the other stuff I’m doing this month. I’ve been a bit busy lately since I’m preparing to move back to Vancouver, Canada in a couple of weeks. Currently I’m trying to find new homes for my furniture before I have to move out of my apartment.

I’ll be back on the blog soon with some more tips as time permits.

6 Responses to Read More or Die!

  1. Teango says:

    Good luck with the move back to Vancouver and fitting in lots of tadoku in German and Dutch over the next month!

    One of the beauties of living in Germany is that you can just arrange to leave your bits of old furniture outside, and if they don’t find good homes of their own over the weekend, they get picked up and recycled for free anyway (I miss this back in UK). 😉

    • doviende says:

      Heh, I’m not so sure about that…sounds like a good way to get in trouble. I did manage to get one of my chairs for free that way though.

  2. Andrew says:

    Sounds interesting, I think I’ve heard of this before. Keep us posted on how it goes.


  3. Mithridates says:

    I was just thinking about this book again today:

    It’s in Dutch, and is a true story about some sailors that crashed on Jeju-do in Korea (known as Quelpart back then) and ended up being more or less enslaved for a few years before they escaped. I think. I’ve never gotten around to reading it as I have other things to read, but since you read everything you can get your hands on when studying languages I thought I would suggest it to you since I’m curious to hear whether it’s actually interesting or not.

  4. Rebecka says:

    The strong Asian flavor on that site kind of scares me away… I’m still a bit bummed out about missing it/not being able to participate since I have to focus on my “serious” studies. :/

  5. readmod says:

    The strong Asian flavor is due to the contest originally being created for learners of Japanese.

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